I do

We keep hearing that marriage is a 24/24 hours work, but we hear that we are thinking at hard work instead of thinking of a relationship that is working non-stop, because actually this is the meaning: something that is working for us non-stop. Working means that is functional and functional comes from fun.

What would it be to see and have a relationship that is actually working for us and it is fun to be in?

How it will be to see the contribution of the significant other and add to it?

When we say the relationships are not working only because we had a bad experience is that really true or we just see that the previous relationship didn’t work for us because we were dysfunctional in that type of energy? We can see that, ask what else is possible and let the universe show us how is a relationship or marriage that is really working for us.

Can you please look at the things you said about what is working and what is not working for you? If you say that when you love you don’t feel like working anymore then every time you are in a relationship nothing is working for you, so you decided to give up relationships to have your life working.

So wherever we bought the beliefs that the relationships is not working, is not fun, is not good for our health, can we release them?

And that we don’t have healthy relationships because of karma or our past? When they actually come for our health, and is healthy to have relationships, can we remove that?

And wherever we have weak relationships in order for us to be strong? Or we have strong relationships for us to be weak? Can we remove also this?

I do means i really mean it. 

I assume you, I see you, I acknowledge you, I allow you to be who you are, I am totally conscious of you ,  I do wish for you what you want for you.