About Me


Story About Me

Hi! I am Alina Ionescu — psychologist & emotional and somatic healer. I was born with great energetic powers  and from the moment I understood and embraced them I healed and changed the lives of over 5000 people all over the world and conducted over 400 group sessions trainings in the last 15 years.

I always had the gift of seeing more than a normal human being . I was seeing entities and feeling and perceiving other people realities, fears, pain and sufferings. I thought this was a weakness so I tried to hide this from others and from myself. Now I realize that what I perceived as my weakness is actually my strength.

In my attempt of not paying attention to my gifts, I chose a life of materialism and short term satisfaction, following the big trends of Marketing and Advertising. I was very good at this, until God sent me an incurable disease, namely cancer, and it made me really look back at my true self.

I discovered the emotional healing and I followed, studied and perfected myself in several healing methods such as TCC, psychosomatic therapy, reiki, theta healing, access consciousness, past life regression, hypnosis, and NLP.

I can say that now I know how to use my gift. Not only that I can scan the body and the energetic field of a body or of a house, but I also have professional methods to remove any blockage or to repair any disfunction.

Diplomas and Graduations

  • Master in clinical psychology, short-term techniques and hypnosis, Bucharest
    Neuro Linguistic Programing Master
    Graduate of the Titu Maiorescu Faculty of Psychology, Bucharest
    SNSPA graduate, Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, Bucharest
    Training in cognitive behavioural therapy
    Certification in hypnosis and hypnotic techniques, hypnotic regressions
    Theta healing Certified Instructor for Basic Theta Healing Course, Advanced Theta Healing Course, Manifestation and Abundance, Dig Deeper, Game of Life, Paired Souls, Rhythm for a Perfect Silhouette, Rainbow Kids
    Access Consciousness Certificate Facilitator for Foundation, Access Bars, Facelift, Body Processes
    Bach Floral Remedy Therapist
    Life Coach / Trainer

My Skills

In Practice

What I do in my therapy sessions is help people instantly change  their beliefs so they can change what is unpleasant in their life.

Our thoughts create the reality and not the other way around.

I use my gift to help people in one-to-one therapy sessions and also in group sessions.

I scan and release diseases and emotional disfunction through energetic powers and psychosomatic tools such as Hypnosis and progression, Past life regression, womb and childhood healing.

The main subjects that are usually approached in my therapy sessions


  • Soulmate invocation
  • Recover after a break up
  • Sex, children and STD

Money and Business

  • JOB – Joy of business
  • Money issues and financial blockages
  • Abundance and receiving

Entities & Demons

  • Talk with entities and ancestors
  • Clearing demons
  • Vows, spells, evil eye and curse releases

Body Processes

  • Energetic facelift
  • Increase immunity
  • Shock & trauma recovery
  • Abuse release

Call or text me now at +40 724 271 183 for scheduling a private therapy session



” Hey beautiful soul!

I want to thank you sincerely and from the bottom of my heart for your infinite contribution to the new self that I discovered after the call with you. My life changed 180 degrees after I started acting without fear and limitations, my horizons widened and I was able to see and observe everything around me, without subjective judgment and without labelling.

I started making a lot of money from sources I didn’t expect. I never thought there could be such a big change in the way you see the world when you stop your rational mind from making judgments and use it strictly to live in the present moment, to be present in your life and just to observe … to feel.

After freeing me from everything that held me back from the past, from fears and regrets, I began to see the girl I told you about in a totally different manner. I gave up the subjective part, and everything went wonderfully, we have already moved in together and things are going great. She was open and interested in all this new information and the change came instantly to her as well. You changed the lives of both of us in a way that I never thought it would be possible.

I feel that any words I say to you at this moment would only limit my infinite appreciation, gratitude, and love for you. You are an extraordinary soul and I look forward to our next conversation, I hope face to face at some point.

Have an infinitely beautiful and loving day, wonderful soul!

I hug you dearly and I love you !!!!


” Alina appeared in my life at a time of emotional decline, which I had not known how to manage for several years. She just saved me!

She gave me another direction in life, she directed my steps to happiness. As a result of this course, I discovered myself, I started a new business, I found new hobbies and all the people I interact with notice a major change in me. It’s absolutely magical what I’m living!

Thank you Alina for existing in my life! “


” Alina is not an usual therapist, she is magical. I can truly say that she is a life changer. One of the most things I love about her is that for Alina nothing is impossible and I find it very easy to talk with her about any of my problems thanks to her optimism. I am very grateful and lucky for having Alina in my life because I know that she really is unique. I recommend her with all my heart.”

– Luana –

” I’ve done many therapies before meeting you but yours is the only one who spoke to my heart, not to the rational part of me. And the only one with super fast results in everything: relationships, work, love, sex, all dimensions of well-being. I am more aware of who I am and of how amazing life really is. Whenever I leave your therapy sessions I feel like I finally embrace and love myself totally. You rock and thank you for that!!

P.S. You won’t get rid of me very soon haha 🙂 “

– Beatrice –

” Therapy with Alina Ionescu for me:

– I rediscovered my happiness, my true self, my soul

– I finally understood God 🙂

– I learned to enjoy this wonderful experience in our evolution called “LIFE”

– I learned what unconditional love means and it is truly WONDERFUL

– I woke up from an ugly and ignorant “sleep” that I thought was my life

– I learned to love, accept, and understand all people with the beauty and ugliness of each

– I learned that there is no right and wrong but only happy and unhappy choices

– I found that my life, moment by moment, is a miracle in progress, like a movie full of dramas, comedy, adventure, love and passion, that I direct step by step, through the choices, words, deeds and thoughts that I reflect in my life

– I am the creator of my life and God is so good and loving that He lets me do what I want without putting conditions or obstacles. On the contrary He lets me experiment to evolve, to know how to differentiate between what He represents and We as part of Him, that is: the Supreme Good, the Pure Love, the Shining Light of All That Exist. And also between our experiences full of different human emotions that somehow complete our Soul experience in this Infinite Universe

– now I know everything and nothing, which is good 🙂

– I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings me because now I look at life as an interesting adventure

– I finally learned to love myself

– I regained my courage, my voice, my thoughts

– I rediscovered the beauty and meaning of music, nature, people, friendship

– I could write a lot more because EVERYTHING in a word has improved in my life and I am constantly changing for the better

I love you and thank you, Alina! “

– Cristina –

” I love Alina and I love her method of doing therapy. She always emphasizes the essentials in a way that doesn’t allow you to hide at all, under any pretext. Every time I do therapy with her, she helps me realize what is not working, why is not working, and then “fix” everything quickly and easily. If you really want to change something in your life, then the results appear.

Alina, thank you for existing in my life! “

– Diana –

“It’s not just a simple therapy; it’s a kind of magic with immediate results. A process through which you discover yourself, learn about yourself, and overcome your fears. A way in which your life changes and you become aware of new & fresh perspectives.

You will heal your body and, especially, your soul, regardless of the problems you face. You will learn to discover life in all its beauty and simplicity. As I did and as I continue to do, together with Alina.

Trust the therapy and the therapist. Together, they make miracles.”

– Iulia –

Call or text me now at +40 724 271 183 for scheduling a private therapy session