Is faith a limitation?

Is faith a limitation?

Pain, suffering, illness, fear, insecurity make us faithful? We choose trust as an escape from these emotions?

Choice is having at least two variants and decide one. When we were kids we have been taught to trust God or something superior to us. When you trust something higher means you are in a state of inferiority. Confidence in this case is not a choice, it is rather a run off, a concept under which we are hoping that the emotions we do not like will pass.

Practically, or logically, if we trust, we choose to be inferior and it’s hard to choose something like that. But distrust leads to suffering and pain. Between suffering, pain and inferiority, you choose inferiority that also has good parts, such as lack of accountability and lack of commitment. A man who trusts is a man who does not take responsibility and is not mature. The one who says I trust you just says, “You take all my strength and happiness,” that is, a weak man who is powerless.

When we say “God give me the trust” we actually say, “Lord, I can not, someone can help me take my pain.” The exchange is good: pain and worries disappear but with them disappears the will, the joy, the vitality and the power to do things. Putting all the power in the hand of God, that is, someone you do not know.

For some, trust means courage or risk. It means giving up what you know or what you can see according to your beliefs. Trust means blindness, and it means mass hypnosis. Only when we are all hypnotized and blind (of faith) we are easy to handle. Trust means letting you handle yourself without resisting it.

Trust in the dictionary is presented as a conviction system. Practically, faith only exists by gathering or accumulating beliefs and functioning according to them. When you trust someone means trusting his belief system. In this case, trust is not a feeling is a brain resetting and its return to the old belief system to which we add or remove a few. It is a way of securing or sealing your beliefs to the next situation that can shake you. Why do we need trust? If you do not resist it, you feel light and relaxed. With peace comes the freedom, happiness, self-esteem and love. You feel connected to the rest of the world when you have all of this and feel safe. It’s possible to need trust, peace, freedom, love, safety and happiness, and the only way we can get them is through pain and suffering? Do you think you can have all this without limiting yourself without letting yourself manipulated, hypnotized without feeling weak and inferior?