Why not implementing beliefs

Why not implementing beliefs

When people find out about Theta, people have the impression that they have discovered Aladdin’s lamp and begin to instil their convictions, making sure that the wishes are fulfilled.

Of course, their biggest bucket is the money and as soon as they find out that if you have something in the head, the first thing they do is change the belief “I am poor” in “I am rich” without realising it (the poor them !!!) that over time they accumulated so many opinions about wealthy people.

If they do not realize they have beliefs such as: “Rich people are sensitive / Rich people are stupid and easy to fool/ Rich people have no friends / To be rich you have to step on the dead people”, instantly after they have installed the program ” I am rich” they mastered everything they thought about the rich, including all the “nonsense “about them. And then they do not wonder why they have become cruel; they have begun to crush their relatives more often or not treat them as before.

Not to mention how the program will go over in the head for the one that earn only 500 euros / month and inoculate himself with the belief “I am rich.” What kind of perception will he have of the world? From what point of view will he see others? How will the others look like? Will there be any more understanding on this planet or nothing will make sense?

What’s more fun is that in their bitterness of poor people they have cursed the rich and all their friends. And that’s how they catch the last curses and they do not understand why they’re bad luck.

Having solved with money, they realize they do not trust them. And to solve the problem (they think) changes their beliefs in “I’m stupid / stupid” in “I’m smart / smart” and “Ugly / ugly” in “I’m beautiful / beautiful.”

Even in these cases things are not very pink. Everything they think of beautiful people will also apply to them “beautiful people are fools / beautiful people are not lucky / beautiful people are not taken seriously / beautiful people have no luck in love.” Not to mention that migraines can occur because beautiful people are deaf and they do not even know where they started, because they were not accustomed to being beautiful.

Examples can continue indefinitely. What you can do is ask yourself, all the time, what is the benefit behind your beliefs. Once you understand them, they break away with the behavioral pattern created.

What is the benefit if you are poor? “I feel connected to the ones like me, I feel loved as they are, I feel safe because there is no one to take.”

Do you think you can feel that way without being poor?