Statement Jewellery

It is psychologically proven that in a conversation if you have a mirror behind you when you talk with someone that person will change their attitude towards you. When they see themselves in the mirror people tend to show their nicest face, they act kinder and they even smile more.

I created the mirror jewellery collection as a way to bring harmony and kindness into relationships and interactions and to remind people that we are what we see. What you see in others is what you are, what you like at people is what you like about you. How you treat others is how you  treat yourself.

The collection is also a reminder to always Be yourself, not a reflection. We tent to react instead of acting only to show others how their behavior is affecting us. When you wear  the mirror, let the mirror speak for you. You will be peaceful and more aware and people will see more of you!

The mirror jewellery will bring you and people you interact, more love, respect and. attention. They will be excited to be around you!

Why wear WE mirror jewellery

  • 1. People only accuse you of what they do

  • 2. If you were a mirror they will see themselves in it and they will stop accusing you

  • 3. Whatever they will say it will be returned to sender

  • 4. WE is plural of ME

  • 5. Let the mirror reflect. Go beyond this reality

  • 6. WE includes ME, ME excludes WE

  • 7. Be you, not a reflection. Let the mirror do that

  • 8. Don’t be a mirror

  • 9. Nothing is what is appears to be. Be your own image

  • 10.When you start to function from the kingdom of WE, you include you. As long as you are doing the kingdom of ME, you exclude you.

body chain we collection jewellery
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