Art Therapy

We Jewellery Collection

It is psychologically proven that in a conversation if you have a mirror behind you when you talk with someone that person will change their attitude towards you. When they see themselves in the mirror people tend to show their nicest face, they act kinder and they even smile more.

The concept behind the mirror jewellery collection is finding a way to bring harmony and kindness into relationships and interactions and to remind people that we are what we see.

What you see in others is what you are, what you like about other people is what you like about you. How you treat others is how you  treat yourself.

Aim Earring Collection

Every piece of this earring jewellery collection has a certain significance, a special meaning, and it is created to bring emotion and joy through shape and color.

Symbolically, it represents one set of clues and signs that reminds you
in every moment to live here and now to be the Master of what you feel and what you Communicate to others. That’s because, in my vision, the focus must always be on You and your thoughts, and not on something outside.

The collection is meant to bring more emotion and playfulness trough color. All the pieces are printed 3D in geometrical shapes as a reminder for you to straighten up your actions and be spontaneous.

Colors are immensely powerful, just like your thoughts. They create your own reality so choose them in accordance with how you decide to feel and live in the moment.