Retreat Apuseni

Manifest Abundance Nonstop

1- 3 iulie 2022

Margau Apuseni Retreat

Are you tired of manifesting only in certain periods?

Is now the time for a different reality in which you are in continuous creation?

The choice

is yours

Have you tried to create your own reality based on this reality?

But what if your reality is much easier? And much more fun? And it offers many more possibilities?

How much do debts and money determine your future? Your current business is the result of what you have decided should happen.


People who choose change are willing to go beyond a predictable reality!

Are you willing to create more than the people you work with? Are you willing to create more than your friends?


This class is about you and what you can create with your financial reality!

We will use tools and techniques that allow you to change everything you can’t change and create everything you want, in a different and easier way.

The goal is to reach the point where we are conscious enough to create change in ourselves so that we can increase the possibility of changing the traumas, dramas, and insanities that are present in our lives.

Be in Flow

Abundance & Manifestation

Do you feel that you need an energy boost and a release on certain levels?

Choose this course of abundance and manifestation that will put you in flow NONSTOP!

What is included

  • theory, cleansing, awareness
  • body processes for the rapid elimination of programs from the body
  • relaxation program with yoga and hiking
  • accommodation for 2 nights
  • food during lunch hours
Program coordinator: Alina Ionescu

  • clinical psychologist
  • NLP Coach
  • Alternative Therapy specialist

Margau Apuseni Retreat (

Places available

8 persons


888 $

For details and registration: 0724271183

* The course will be held in Romanian. On request we may translate into English