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Every piece of this earring jewellery collection has a certain significance, a special meaning, and it is created to bring emotion and joy trough shape and color.

Symbolically, it represents one set of clues and signs that reminds you
in every moment to live here and now to be the Master of what you feel and what you Communicate to others. That’s because, in my vision, the focus must always be on You and your thoughts, and not on something outside.

My collection is meant to bring more emotion and playfulness trough color. All the pieces are printed 3D in geometrical shapes as a reminder for you to straighten up your actions and be spontaneous.

Colors are immensely powerful, just like your thoughts. They create your own reality so choose them in accordance with how you decide to feel and live in the moment.



Your focus is you in all the choices that you make. You are the center of your universe. Even if sometimes it’s easy to forget this. The colorful triangle pointing at your ear is supposed to remind you about it and help you choose with ease and joy.

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The acceptance is the state of peacefulness that you feel on each moment and each situation you find yourself into. It’s the ease you experience when you know that everything you have now in your life is decided by you. The circles symbolize the safety given by self-knowledge that include the whole world.

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Being present here and now is one of the most important things in life. But because it seems so easy, it’s easily forgotten. The elongated rhombus is the symbol of your permanent connection with the earth and the divinity above. And being aware of what happens around you is leading to a state of perfect balance.

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Integrity means being honest to yourself and dedicated to you intentions and intuitions. The rectangle reminds you to stand straight in front of yourself, first of all, but also in front of others; to be loyal to the principles that you have been polishing during the years of your life so far. It’s YOUR declaration of independence.

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The connection refers to the link to your superior self and the highest good. The earring in the shape of the bar will remind you that as long as you are connected to your inner truth, nothing and no one can steal your confidence and safety. Your choice, whatever that may be, is the best choice. Be sure of that!

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From our intention, to your intention!


We have created the limited edition capsule collection of 200 pairs of CONNECTION earrings, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦  to be offered as a token of gratitude for any donation greater than 150 EURO made in the accounts of the organization Save the Children Romania with the purpose of providing support to children from Ukraine and their families.

Site donation link:

The CONNECTION earrings from the AIM Collection are specially chosen to show us that we are all united and that there is no separation. As long as we are connected to the truth within us, where God exists, no one and nothing can take away our trust and security.

This campaign is initiated by Time4WE and is supported by Neoclinique Dental Clinic– smile design clinic.

Save the Children Romania is a non-governmental, non-profit, public benefit organization that has been promoting children’s rights in Romania since 1990, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is a member of Save the Children, the world’s largest independent organization for the promotion of children’s rights, with 30 members and programs in 117 countries.

What contribution can WE  be to OURSELVES?