I am

My method is based on the concept that everything that comes after “I am” is just a limitation. Even if “I am smart” might sound like a positive belief, it’s just a limitation to what you know so far or to what you’ve learned, without offering you the freedom to choose more.

The moment you enter a dialogue with the belief “that you are smart”, you are entering with the barriers set and you no longer receive new information. Everything you receive you interpret through the filter of your thinking and through what you already know and therefore all you do is project, compare, conclude, or compute and reinterpret what you receive, thus diminishing any contribution coming from outside you.

The same thing happens if you have the conviction “I’m stupid (in math)”. If you have such a belief, you have closed the growth there. You established that you are bad at something, and you don’t even have the curiosity to see if you can improve that area. And you simply work from the conviction that you are stupid (in math or with money, or in love) and everything you create in your life proves this to you.

The point of view creates our reality and not the reality creates our point of view. Only by changing our point of view we change our reality, and with it we change the existing problems, whether they are body problems, relationship problems, financial problems, or mental problems.

We must be aware of the fact that all words create. We were taught from an early age that we must define things very well, or define ourselves well as human beings, but this only forces us or limits us to live only in a certain way without giving us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves or to choose to live every day from the state of presence.

As long as we live from the definitions of ourselves, from what we believe we are, and from what we have trained ourselves to believe we are, all we do is only to relive the same patterns and the same life situations and keep bringing back the same diseases in our bodies that we already know how to update them.