Ask your Body

Ask your Body

Have you ever wondered what makes the diseases? Do you know that there is a possibility to remove these blockages and limitations of the body just by changing your point of view?

We have this idea that our bodies are all the fixed points of view, fixed realities, fixed lies, fixed thoughts, feelings, and emotions, fixed forms, structures and significances and fixed beingness.

When you feel disconnected from your body or you feel as if you don’t get much awareness from your body or connection to it, a lot of the time it is because you had so much awareness in the past that you decided it was too much and you couldn’t handle it, because nobody ever told you what to do with it. They never, ever told you what it was. It was just being bombarded with other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and their judgments and their points of view and their fixed realities … and also their lust and their perverted sexual points of view and all this stuff.

If you knew that after you get rid of these points of view you will no longer have problems with your body, would you choose these meetings or would you continue to torment yourself believing that this is your path?

$ 55 participation fee

You can easily attend these meetings on your computer or smartphone, connected to the internet.

To sign up please send an email to or text me at  +40 724 271 183