Therapy & Group Sessions

In my private or group therapy sessions I scan and release emotional disfunctions through energetic powers and work on changing the beliefs that keep us blocked.

What I do is to help people instantly change their beliefs at the subconscious level so they can change their live.  Our thoughts create the reality not the other way around.


Te most common areas that people approach me for helping them with are relationships, fertility, panic attacks, depression and anxiety, financial blockages, body clearances and recovery.


My group therapy sessions are meant to address and clear the most important areas of our lives:

Money Club – financial issues and blockages that we create for ourselves and how to clear and overcome them

Ask Your Body – removing the blockages and limitations of our bodies by changing the point of view.

Love, Sex and Relationships– a 3 day intensive program created to clear patterns and reference points regarding sex and relationships and create healthy and stable interactions with everybody including our bodies.

Masterclass of Business Ascension – a 1 day intensive workshop on money & business with tools and techniques that allow you to change everything you can’t change and create everything you want, in a different and easier way.


Alina Ionescu

  • Clinical Psychologist & Parapsychologist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Past regression facilitator
  • NLP coach
  • Alternatives Therapy Specialist
  • Medium

For information about next available dates and participation to the group sessions please send an email to or text me at +40 724 271 183.