Mastery Toolkit

PRICE: 37 $ ( 185 lei)

A great home therapy toolkit for relationships, very easy to use and accessible to anyone. This special toolkit offers simple yet powerful ways to resolve tensions and conflicts that may occur in your relationship.

The concept of the kit targets the idea that any conflict is just a choice of our mind, and that the same mind that created the conflict can also resolve it. It also wants to remind you that the natural state of a couple’s relationship is one of love and full gratitude towards each other.

The kit uses a collection of methods and therapy exercises taken from various sources such as seminars and courses in which the author has participated and in which the authors of those methods have not been named.

This kit is original in the way it presents and makes available the methods and the exercises described.


15 cards – Exercises and Conflict resolution questions

6 reminder coasters – With powerful messages of gratitude, meant to always remind you to be grateful

* The kit is currently available in Romanian and English.


Whenever you feel a tense moment in your relationship you can do the following:

( A ) choose to line up the cards, reading them all, one by one


( B ) draw a random one, trusting that the most appropriate suggestion for your current condition has come to you.

time4we relationship toolkit
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